Pioneering Responsive Machining

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A strategic partner in CNC Machining and Turnkey Manufacturing

The Process How your vision comes to us to become a reality.

Step 1

Assessment & Quote

If “Time is Money” and “Cash is King” then why does it take so long to get a quote from your current machine shop? Our process is simple: Drawing or Sample, Specifications and Quantity.

Step 2

Production Scheduling

Our production team simplifies the planning process during turnkey manufacturing by creating a schedule including all processes like machining, heat treatment, plating and assembly.

Step 3

Manufacturing Process

Materials are cut to length from bar stock in our warehouse. Turning and Milling processes are performed in specialized machining cells. Quality Control performs 1st Article, In-Process and Final Inspections.

Step 4

Value Added Services

Machined product often requires secondary processes like heat treatment to be performed. We simplify the role of the client by managing these processes and delivering 100% complete turnkey products. Our quality system monitors the quality of these processes, provides final inspection and documentation.

Edmonton CNC Machining

Canada’s only Responsive Machine Shop. Offering production CNC Machining, Swiss Screw Machining, Automated Manufacturing, Robotic Machine Tending, Threading, Prototyping and 24/7 Service, Repair and Welding.

Located in Western Canada, Source Automation is strategically positioned to service energy, oil & gas, mining, architectural and agricultural industries. Our Edmonton based facility is connected to our customers by land, sea and air with export services available to the US and UK.

We support a large network of diversified clients and pursue new opportunities in all commercial and industrial sectors. Our focus in Responsiveness enables all of our clients to execute their growth initiatives. Contact our Sales Representatives to begin the conversation.

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Contract Savings

Start saving with contract manufacturing like: Wholesale, Consignment, Drop Shipping and Custom Agreements.