Responsive Machining is an original theory by Source Automation to improve the way products are manufactured in North America. Responsiveness includes concepts from Lean, FMS and ISO systems while simplifying the layers of procedure that inhibit a manufacturing team. Some systems add valuable processes that come with added baggage like additional costs, longer lead-times and lack of flexibility. Responsiveness by definition fits the custom needs of each individual opportunity. Thus, making it possible to achieve our goal to “Respond, Execute and Grow” our clients business.

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 Quality combined with our specialized 3-Stage Inspection process ensures peace-of-mind throughout manufacturing. International Standards Organization (ISO) provides an internationally recognized quality system that integrates within our entire organization. ISO procedures guide our quotations, purchasing, receiving, machining, inspections, and accounting practices guaranteeing 100% conformance. Our proprietary 3-Stage Inspection process adds important elements like 1st Article, In-Process and Final Inspections that exceed the suggested requirements of ISO. Ultimately, creating our Quality Assurance Program.

Turnkey Solutions

Successful clients = busy people. Source Automation bridges the gap between client and 3rd party processes like heat treatment, assembly, testing and finishing. Turnkey manufacturing reduces the demand on procurement teams to manage technical details, scheduling and shipping allowing our clients personnel to focus on more important opportunities. True turnkey service offers a final product ready for the end user.

Design & Engineering

Custom design and engineering assists in executing ideas and supports R & D. Source offers Solidworks product design and virtual product manufacturing with CAD/CAM simulation. The combination of these two services is capable of taking a simple sketch or sample through the blueprint, machining and assembly process without having to machine a tangible product. This can reduce the cost of R & D for organizations that continually update and produce new designs.

Export & Contract MFG

Machine shop applications are essential to technology found in all major industries and therefore Source Automation stays connected with clients located across the globe. From Alberta to Ontario and California or Texas to New York we service North America. The UK, Russia, Australia, Saudi Arabia and South America are home to many of our international end users of product built in our Edmonton based machine shop.