Precision Facility

Not all Machine Shops are created equal. Source Automation utilizes modern machinery and technology designed to exceed industrial standards.

  • Precision Machine Tools
  • Engineered Work Flow
  • Custom Efficiency Processes
  • 23000 Sq. Ft. Machine Shop
  • Flexible Manufacturing Cells
  •  Robotics & Automation
  •  24 Hr Service, Repair and Welding

Volume Capability

Source Automation integrates with global organizations to support product development and manufacturing of large volume products in addition to our job shop services.

  • Prototyping & Single Items –  1pc+
  • Production CNC-  10 to 5000pcs
  • Swiss Screw Machining –  1000 to 25000pcs
  • Single Item Repair Machining
  • Production Zinc Phosphate Coating
  •  Oil Tool Thread Repairs

Size Envelope

Our facility is equipped to design, build and repair industrial tools ranging from microscopic to large 2 ton objects.

  • CNC Turning –  24”DIA X 80”L
  • CNC Milling-  30”L X 80”W (Up to 5-Axis)
  • Manual Machining-  Up to 54” DIA X 120”L  
  • Swiss Screw Machining-  Up to 20mm DIA or 0.787” DIA
  • Machining Spindle Bores up to 9-5/8”
  • Honing Up to 76” Lengths all Diameters
  • Zinc Phosphating- All Sizes
  • Threading- API, Unified (UN), English (Metric), ACME, Premium Thread Repairs

Inspection & Measurement

Proven Success in our QC Program ensures “Peace of Mind” manufacturing. Complementary to our ISO Accreditations our team is trained to perform at the highest standards.

  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance
  • API/Oil & Gas Compliant Programs
  • Comprehensive QA Auditing