Computer Numeric Control (CNC)

CNC machining offers the most efficient method of producing steel and plastic components. The CNC is programmed using computer code to generate a digital machining process that can be repeated and precisely controlled. Repetitive tasks such as drilling, threading, and tapping are made simple using this technology.

Lathe / Turning




  • Lathe & Turning Centers up to 36" Dia.
  • Mill & Machining Centers up to 120" L
  • Complex Multi-Axis Machining up to 8-Axis
  • Swiss Screw Machining
  • Deep Hole Drilling/Trepanning
  • CNC Honing & Grinding
  • CNC Laser & Cladding
  • CNC Press
  • CNC Plasma & Water Jet
  • Oil Field and Custom Threading
  • 3D Surfacing and Mold Machining
  • Large Capacity Band Saw Cutting

Swiss Screw & Small Parts

Swiss machining (also known as “screw machining”) is the most effective way to produce small parts like pins, screws, nuts, washers and high volume parts. The Swiss machine utilizes a simultaneous machining method where multiple cutting processes occur at the same time. By simultaneously machining different features of a small part the process is dramatically quicker than CNC.

Swiss CNC

Screws / Small Parts

  • Swiss Machines up to 32mm (1.26”) Dia.
  • Swiss Multi-Axis up to 8 Simultaneous Processes
  • “Lights-out” Production
  • High Volume Production and Inventory Consignment
  • Custom Screws, Bolts, Pins and Fittings
  • Shear Screws and Shear Tension Strength Testing
  • Equipment and Machinery Fittings
  • Cosmetic Fasteners and Glass Mounting Hardware
  • Swiss CAD/CAM Design and Programming


Robotics and Automation compliment an advanced manufacturing process by adding to the productivity and efficiency of the system. Not all products benefit from automation when compared to highly skilled machinists. However, when properly utilized robotics can add to the competitive advantage of a product line or technology.



  • 6-Axis Robotic CNC Tending
  • Simultaneous CNC Machining
  • Parts Catching
  • Production Conveyors
  • Bar Feeding & Pulling
  • “Lights-out” Production

24hr service, repair and welding

Our 24/7 Service Shop offers conventional and manual machining services for repair and low volume requirements. Conventional machining is performed on manual lathes, mills and drill presses to refurbish tools and other broken equipment.

24 / 7 Repair


Zinc Phosphate


  • Directional Drilling Motors, Reamers, Seals and Oil Thread Connections
  • Pumps, Electric Motors and Compressors
  • Valves and Wellheads
  • Rig Mast and Oil Derrick Components
  • Gears, Sprockets, Sheaves and Pulleys
  • Constructing, Hauling, Railway and Transportation Equipment
  • Hydraulics & Cylinders
  • Threading Shop +5000 Thread Types
  • Zinc Phosphate Chemical Plating
  • Welding, Fabrication and Hard Facing
  • Large Capacity Turning up to 60" Diameter
  • Large Boring Turning up to 9" Bar Capacity